Jubilee Doula is Liz Grant, CD(DONA): a certified birth doula based in Denver, Colorado.

I fell in love with childbirth and the seasons surrounding it through my personal experiences of birthing my two children. After I was no longer pregnant and had no more plans to become pregnant, I found I still wanted to learn about pregnancy and birth and, even more than book-learning, I wanted to support those who were currently walking through these life-transforming events. (I even found myself signing up to bring meals to new moms I barely knew, just so I could hear their birth stories!) I had worked as a creative writer up to that point, but in 2015, I began pursuing a career as a birth doula. I was certified with DONA International, the first and one of the most respected doula organizations in the world, in 2016. (You can read here about DONA’s standards of practice and code of ethics to learn what I can and can’t do as a birth doula).  I continue to regularly attend childbirth-related trainings in order to keep my knowledge fresh and to learn all I can about the breathtaking, intense, unpredictable, and very normal journey of childbirth!

(You can read more details of my journey to becoming a birth doula here). 

Many of my talents combine to make me a compassionate, knowledgeable, and personable resource for families in this unique season of their lives. I am awed by each experience of the birth process that I am invited to witness, and I always feel a deep sense of gratitude when a family invites me to join them on their journey. I trust the parents I work with to make wise decisions – the perfect ones for their family – and I do all I can to allow this process of childbirth to be a positive initiation into the world of parenting your newborn.

I would be honored to support you through this process of becoming parents, whether you’re pregnant with your first or tenth child!