Jubilee Doula

I’m not currently accepting new clients because I’m writing up a storm. I wish you the best in your pregnancy and postpartum journey!

What is a doula?

A doula is a trained, non-medical supporter of pregnant women and their supporters during childbirth.

A doula is a continuous presence throughout your labor. That means, even when a shift changes or another supporter gets tired, your doula will stay with you. A doula will provide you with the educational resources you need to make informed decisions for you and your baby, so that you and your partner can advocate for yourselves as a team in the midst of labor. A doula will remind you of your intentions for your bith, so that you can have the most satisfying birth experience possible. A doula will be a compassionate, informed guide throughout the process of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, to make sure that you can be prepared for your new role of “mom.” And a doula will let you tell her your story once it’s all over.

Why hire a doula?

Every woman wants her birth to be celebrated.

After all, whether this is your first baby or your last, you still have to carry a baby in your belly for nine months. You still have to bring a baby into the world, however it happens. And you still get to hold a slippery, new body in your arms when it’s all over.

Of course, everyone’s goal is the same, no matter if you wear a hospital gown or a stethoscope: we’re all aiming for a healthy baby and a healthy mom.

But the journey also matters.

You have burning questions that keep you up at night, and I believe that every pregnant woman deserves to receive personalized education about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. You feel anxious about the pain of childbirth, and I believe that every pregnant woman deserves a caring professional to help her work through her fears. You wonder whether your partner will come through amidst the intensity of labor, and I believe every family needs the support of a guide who can help them meet their goals and give them direction throughout their birth experience. You wonder if you are strong enough for birth, good enough to be a mom, and confident enough to deal with whatever comes up; I believe every mom and mom-to-be needs someone to speak the words that empower her.

Simply put? You need a doula.